Welcome to the op.Linux Packaging System's web site
NEWS - 2004
July 5th

The opsystem web site up and running.
July 4th

First release of opsystem is publicly available.
You can grab a copy straight from a tar pipe ;) here.

Please visit Sourceforge.net!


This web site was created in order to make the op.Linux Packaging System available to the public.
Not only will you be able to download any opsystem releases from our high speed, mirrored, download servers, but other resources pertaining to the opsystem project can be accessed from here, such as: tutorials and miscelaneous documentation, a community forum where users and developers alike can converse and work amongst themselves to improve opsystem (such as reporting bugs, proposing and discussing features, analyzing code etc.), and information about the development team working on opsystem.
Therefore, through this web site, you have access to the most up-to-date information opsystem and community resources which may aid you in using and/or customizing the packaging system to fit your needs.


The op.Linux Packaging System (opsystem in short) is a simple yet powerful command-line package management system capable of verifying, building, installing, querying, and removing op.Linux-compatible software packages for GNU/Linux compatible systems. Unlike all other advanced package management systems, opsystem has the advantage of being written fully in Bourne Again Shell (bash) compliant scripts and makes use of standard system commands present on any *nix system (specifically, they are: awk cat echo grep head line ls md5sum rm rmdir sort tail uniq).


In order to fully understand and exploit the potential of the opsystem, you must familiarize yourself with its methods and underlying principles. Also, you may find tutorials on scripting with the Bourne Again SHell (bash) so that you can start understanding/testing/customizing opsystem as much as you wish.


In case you wish to download opsystem, you can do so at the project's download portal.


If you are interested in this project and wish to help us make it better, then please visit our development forum.

who's who

Here is a list of all developers, along with contact information and a brief biography for each.